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About CanceRX

CanceRX is born out of partnerships with clinicians, care providers to improve outcomes and prognosis in cancer care, afflicted with sub-optimal prognosis and outcomes in general. We are driven by our mission to improve care at the point of delivery, and help patients at the grassroots level with access to best practices in cancer care. We empower health care providers with data driven technology to bridge the gap between diagnosis to treatment, thereby improving outcomes in cancer care.

Though our current focus is on oncology, our flagship product ELASTIC and Onco-Precision can be used for other specialities as well, thereby helping patients with chronic conditions, globally

+ ML + DL

With AI in our DNA, we are solving challenges in healthcare, starting with cancer care, using technology one by one

Ambient Clinical Intelligence

Reduce time taken from diagnosis to treatment.

Enterprise Software

Right decisions at the right time

Cloud Based Algorithms

QRT( quick real time) reporting in a few seconds

Intelligent Workflows

Digitizing with real time intelligence

Digital Transformation

Deep tech, virtual combinations, data driven insights lead the way

Challenges Addressed


Clinicians are burnt out


Hospitals are under financial stress


Distruption in cancer care spectrum from diagnosis to on going care


Hospitals not equipped for online experience


Patient switch because of dissatisfaction


Out reach and OPD Management is a challenge


AI + ML Solutions with With Deep Domain Expertise


Recommendations based on patient and disease profile, helping providers with improved Clinical Outcomes.


Elastic for Oncologists, Hospitals, All Stakeholders, based on their own patient data.


For best product fit to suit your needs and price plans, write to us on man@cancerx.in

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Why Use Us?

369 times faster, round the clock

With advanced AI in our DNA, our reporting is 369 times faster than the manual process with a turnaround time of a few seconds, 24x7, 365 days. Yes, you are right, there are no holidays. Our reporting works, all days of the year.

69% increase in patient retention

Increase in patient retention due to patient trust and satisfaction

32% increase in revenue

Our round the clock reporting with super fast turn around time reduces load, freeing up your time and ensuring that you are able to see many more patients.

Latest clinical guildelines

Clinicians like you help keep us updated with the latest. What's better is that we acknowledge proudly, publicly, that you are the one who helps us.

Simple Integration with exisiting work flows

We do not need any complex integration or technology upgrades. Simple login with your email id or mobile number is all that is needed for you to use CanceRX. We work on any PC with the internet. Simple API integrations with your existing work flows are available.

Connecting the Eco-System

Virtual, digital interactions help with easy access.Remote care collaboration opportunities help stakeholders across the eco-system

24/7 Avaliablity

Ability to add Clinical Notes, Review and Modify. Access your patient records at your convenience,

Dr Ahmed


We are so grateful to you Manish (CanceRX) for recognising our need and build a solution around it.

Dr R Singh

We are using CanceRX solution for the last 2 months. Now I can see more patients. Our Center revenue has also gone up.

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